Monday, 28 December 2009

Dress up, dress down, I dress out!

When was the last time you dressed up? I often hear people say „I have to dress up for the occasion“. And there aren't many things I despise more than „dressing up for the occasion“.

Why, one should ask? Simply because I do not believe people should ever dress up or down, people should dress out! For special occasions you need to dress accordingly, but you should always be dressed up! Always.
We all know that fashions fade, but style remains. When you have a personal style you do not need to dress up, you are always dressed up. It is expression of you. Our clothes talk. We are aware of that. Our clothes send a message, they tell others who we are, how to treat us, how we feel and in the end they tell others how much we really care about ourselves.

So, if you only dress up for special occasions, it tells me that you do not care enough about yourself.
Let me be clear, different occasions demand different dress code, but every day life is also a très special occasion. Is it not? That’s how I treat it. Every day life is one occasion we attend the most, one occasion our life is made of. It is ugly, it is beautiful, it is tough, hard, messy, busy, and wonderful… it is everything. It is the most important occasion of all! Your life!
It is very en vogue to say that you like to live your life like every day is your last day, then why the hell no one dresses like every day is their last day? When I see you in jeans and lame cotton shirt you’re telling me you don’t have time for your life, you’re too busy doing other things. In the world with too many casual Fridays I would love to see some elegance and class. Life is vulgar enough itself; we don’t have to play it that way.

Going through life dressed up day after day makes it easier for you. Whosever ass you need to kick, doing it in très nice shoes is always easier.
Whatever situation you may find yourself in, being in nice clothes you’ll handle it easier. It will give you more confidence and more strength. That why I talk about dressing out. Tell the world you’re here and ready to conquer it!

Now, different social occasions do require different clothing, but try and always keep it within your personal style. I love dressing for different occasions, not dressing up, but simply adapting my style. I love dressing for a rock concert, an opera, dinner with family, a cocktail party, tea with the queen, punk festival, a ballet… it’s like a game. A theatre of imagination. I get to bend my personality a little and create a character for me. A wonderful, amusing game it is. But here, we are not talking about dressing up or down, we are talking about dressing accordingly.
Keep yourself in it, don’t ever wear something that you do not feel comfortable in. It is of utmost importance that you know how to wear something, that you can pull it off. That is why moi never blindly follows fashion trends, I am rarely of the moment. Rather, I am me. Dressed up day after day. I am the girl you would hate when you see me on the street, yes, eat your hearts out!
Because moi is having a passionate love affair with life, day after day, and my clothes show it :)