Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Are models dumb?

Sure they are. Plain and simple. I know it's not politically correct, but I've never cared much about political correctness anyway.
Maybe it’s not even fashion related per se, but I had this in me so long, I just had to put it on “paper”. Great thing about blogging is that you can write all kind of crap and someone will still read it. Thank God, unlike most fashion bloggers, I can actually write well, and… I am completely and utterly mean.

I’ve met many of this beautiful species – the models, used to did some modeling myself. Quit when I realized that I don’t exactly get a hard on every time I see my pictures in magazines, so I figured – it’s not for me.
But being involved in this most difficult job on Earth, I’ve been meeting models here and there, boys and girls (sometimes I couldn’t even tell the difference).
Some of them were capable of putting together a simple sentence; some were even able to read. Some have evolved into bloggers (the most pathetic species of all), fashion bloggers to be correct. It’s easy to recognize their blogs – lots of pictures, not so much text, and even whatever’s written, if it’s not Paulo Coelho quote, it’s on the maturity level of a first grader. With no offense meant to first graders, Coelho is whole another story.

Why do I think models are dumb? Because they don’t care much about things of this world. They live in a completely different universe that revolves around completely different values than those known to mortals. No seriously. It’s not only a stereotype. They do not know things, they just giggle.
They don’t bother to know things about general culture or general anything… most of them do know that there are hungry children in Africa, that Paris is in France and that drugs are bad, but other than that, there is nothing but a big grey area…
And it does not matter! They can get away with it! Why? Because they are ridiculously beautiful! That’s all you need nowadays.
Who cares about recession, inflation, globalization and other –ions when you live in a beautiful world of beautiful people with no morals?
They never had to try to fit it; they were accepted immediately wherever they would go. We’re only humans; we are all mesmerized (and fooled) by physical beauty. Personality who? Don’t get me wrong, beauty – it’s a wonderful thing, but there are whole worlds where it seems not to be enough after all. Thank God, this is not one of those worlds, or at least that’s the impression you may get as a pragmatic observer.

Drugs, sex, liquor, magazine covers, money and house music, that’s all there is to this world. Getting insanely drunk or high, and having sex with random strangers, day after day, night after night.
If you’re not a beautiful model and want to lead this kind of life, you have two other options… One – you can be a writer, but you need to be drunk all the time and suffer from a chronic writer’s block. Actually writing something and publishing it would ruin your entire image. So don’t even try. Just get high and go f*** a model with daddy issues.
Second option is simple and predictable, you need to be rich. Filthy rich if possible, but even just rich will suffice. Models can’t tell difference from six to nine zeros anyway.
And there you go! You’re suddenly with the hip, the cool, you’re it!

Fashion is one of the shallowest industries in the world. I never thought that being a lazy ass, pretty, rich, and sleeping around with random strangers seven days a week were much of human values I wanted for me or my offspring… but then I discovered this world beyond fashion, where those values are the right ones. It’s like stepping through a magic mirror into a world where everything is easy, beautiful, upside down, and wrong. And it’s tempting, very tempting. It is very simple to go there, yet not so easy to find your way back.