Sunday, 7 February 2010

Valentine’s fashion! Say what again?

Deleting spam in my inbox I accidentally clicked on one of the messages and – boom!!! No, it wasn’t some kind of nasty virus… it was worse – Valentine’s fashion ad!
Let me put it this way… roses of red, violets blue… something, something, it’s Valentine’s Day and you have nothing to wear?!?
What? Valentine’s is only a few days away and I have nothing to wear? What about the day before, or the day after? Will I have something to wear tomorrow?
Oh, wait, wait, I have nothing Valentine’s appropriate to wear… phew, that was close!
However, whoever made this ad deserves to meet me in person… I’ll be gentle, I promise… I just have one thought for the person – look up fashion. In a dictionary. Please. Do.

But curious as I am (and yes, I am aware that the curiosity has killed the cat, but that’s not a problem at all, since I am not a cat), I had to google that catchy phrase – valentine’s fashion.
To my surprise, many people have given this a lot of thought, not only that, but they are taking this thing very seriously! Dear readers, there are articles written on this subject, there are pictures, there are fashion shows, and they really mean it! It’s not sarcastic. It’s très serious business! There is a whole industry behind the Valentine’s day fashion. Which brings me to the sad fact of the whole industry behind Valentine’s day itself.

First, let me disappoint you before you start with the whole “she’s single and miserable so she hates the rest of us happy people” – I happen to be very much in a relationship and in love, and yet, not very fond of heart shaped objects and red satin sheets.

It’s not even that I despise commercialization of “love”, because I do not blame Hallmark for that one, it’s way more complicated than that. I just frown upon the idea that someone else has to point you in a certain direction and tell you, “hey today is a day to tell someone you love ‘em… and dress badly”. I mean, I can dress badly every day… oh and love someone as well.

So what are the fashions of Valentine’s? And I am not talking clothes here, I am talking customs and meanings. Values. What does it really mean? Why is it so important to wear cheap polyester on that day? Why would you buy someone a stuffed animal on that particular day, take them out to dinner, buy flowers? Give a BJ? On one day in a year? Only one day!
I want magic every day and will not accept the notion that Valentine’s is something special and meaningful, because every day should be so.
As far as cheap red polyester undies go, I will never accept them, no matter what day, not even under a death threat.

Valentine’s fashion, just like everything else that was made solely for the purpose of high profits looks ridiculous. Basically, it consists of red and pink past season stuff that is still left somewhere at some stockroom and is just taking space. It’s over the top. I’m not quite sure is it for people who are trying to look sexy, lusty or just plain cheap. Don’t forget, it is, in fact, always quite expensive to look that cheap.
And not everyone can do it… you need special certain skills to combine leopard with zebra prints and red lace. Challenge people! Challenge!

My point is, I do not understand why now, with all other pressure that comes with a Valentine’s Day, we also need to dress accordingly? Accordingly being red, pink satin, lace or polyester… Look up style. Look up dictionary first.
I find it that every day with a person I love is special and romantic, no matter how we’re dressed, well, especially when we’re undressed…
Hmmm, happy Valentine’s? :)

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